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Detail from The Cafe Concert (The Song of the Dog) by Edgar Degas, Private Collection

My first trip to Paris in the summer of 1995.

Our first visit after we found our French home.

My Journey

to france

As a language student, I often heard instructors and classmates describe the aha moment when they suddenly realized they were dreaming in their adopted language. It was this idea from which I founded ‘I Dream in French’ as a way to share my love of France and French culture.

It was the French language that first spoke to my eight-year-old heart while exploring my dad’s LP collection. I studied French in school for nine years. I was all in. French Forensics, French Summer Camp, College French.

I nurtured my dream of visiting France for twelve years imagining the day that finally came in the summer of 1995. With an enormous backpack and a hostel-and-frites budget, my mom and I set off for Paris. By the time we ascended from the Metro on a sweltering July day our French fantasy had already lost a bit of it’s luster.

We ate Chinese takeout from the same place three times in a week, found ourselves locked in a tower in Saint-Malo, and were evacuated from the Louvre after only 20 minutes inside. We tried to see and do it all during a record-breaking heatwave in the midst of protests and bomb scares. We had a very memorable time, but if you had asked me then if I was eager to return I would have been the first to admit France hadn’t lived up to my expectations.

Thankfully, my first French experience wasn’t to be my last. Eighteen years later, while researching preschools for my daughter, I discovered a local French immersion program. Before long we were both enrolled in classes, and it was my first love, the language, that beckoned me back to France.

In 2016, when my mom decided to follow her dream of retiring abroad, we returned to France, this time with my daughter joining in our adventure. By 2017 our dream of a home in France became a reality. Now three generations of family gather for several weeks each summer, and we’ve welcomed a steady stream of friends to share a little joie de vivre in our corner of France.

Have you ever…

…daydreamed about jetting off to paris?

Maybe just for a long weekend, or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? Perhaps you’ve fantasized about taking a year-long sabbatical, or imagined yourself taking the plunge and moving abroad permanently?

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of helping friends, and friends-of-friends, plan their own trips to the country that has become my second home. Today I work as a travel curator, exclusively for France, where I help others plan their own French adventure.

Paris, November 2018  |   Photo by Katie Mitchell

Rue Férou, Paris  |  Photo by Katie Mitchell